Saturday, November 28, 2009

I've got some misogynistic tendencies...

Yup, I sure do. I also try very hard to not let those prejudices affect the way that I treat fellow human beings who happen to have a different pair of chromosomes than I do.  Why? Because I am pretty convinced that there is an intrinsic value to every human being that demands respect and because I am also pretty convinced of something I refer to as "meritocracy". I want to assess a person by their character not by circumstances that are outside their control.

I find it kind of amusing that my friend April invited me to contribute to her feminist blog, because I am not particularly well versed in feminist theory. I mean I've read a little bit. Bell Hooks is a notable favorite. Regardless, I am not convinced I have anything credible or substantive to add. I guess we'll find out.

The one impression that I do have from the reading I have done in the feminist blogosphere is that there is a lot of discussion of institutions, theory, and the abstract. "Can you believe the subtle misogyny in this commerical for a washer and dryer?" The bulk of this is valid, important discussion. Though I'd like to read more about base, human interaction. The concrete changes we see happening in people's lives.

Where do I read about that? Where do I learn to do more of that? Maybe I just haven't taken enough initiative to read more of whats out there. Feel free to tell me that as well.