April is from the Twin Cities.  She's 28, works in the banking industry, and is currently occupying The People's Plaza in Minneapolis, where she is a volunteer on the Media committee.  She enjoys lots of things, like writing, reading, vegetables, photography, Risk, feminism, yoga, politics, activism, country music, bridges, and hoppy beer.  She hates even more things, like the sound of people chewing food, heights, crying babies, meaningless political rhetoric, Kool-aid drinkers, smug capitalists, red onions, people who walk slowly, condescending people, crowded bars, punk rock, being called a "consumer," ill-fitting pants, and scores of other things she's sure to write essays about.  You can find her on Twitter, where she mostly just retweets news articles she finds interesting; YouTube, where she uploads really pointless, terrible-quality videos from her phone or webcam; and Tumblr, where she posts photos she's taken through the years.  She can also be observed doing things while looking away from the camera, because that's kind of funny.