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Original drawing by Sam Keenan

We like when people who are usually in opposition sit down and have a good, respectful discussions with each other.  Topics discussed may vary widely, but are best summarized as political and philosophical, with feminist leanings. No matter what your opinion is about anything we discuss, we hope you'll join the discussion. If you can't be a reasonably polite person when doing so, however, we'd prefer you go away.

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Due to overwhelming hatred, we got rid of threaded comments.  While it was helpful to be able to see exactly who was replying to whom, it's just too messy, and how long a particular thread will go on is impossible to predict.  So, feel free to HTML-ify your comments to make it clear who you're addressing. To mention someone by name, type the @ symbol and the commenter's username. For example, if Bayron wanted to mention April, he'd type in @ then "April", select her name from the contextual list and her icon would appear in Bayron's comment.

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Ethecofem is a two year old blog.
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