Saturday, February 05, 2011

We're moving

I'm moving ethecofem to Blogger so I can better customize the layout of the blog, and we'll be using Disqus for comments over there, so sign up if you aren't already registered! It's really, really simple and easy. We should be up and running over there in a little while! I'll have this blog redirect traffic over there, but the new site (for the time being) will be at, until I can get the domain transferred from Wordpress to Blogger. If things are slow or kinda wonky over here, that's why. I've also deleted some unpopular, irrelevant, or very old and dumb posts, and you can find all of the rest of ethecofem content, with original comments, at, but keep in mind, while the comments all imported over to that site, it's effectively an inactive site. I don't want any continuations of ethecofem discussions to happen on their mirror posts at, because it's just too much to pay attention to. Please use's posts and comment threads to continue any ongoing discussions. I'll be turning off comments on the Wordpress site shortly... probably after I am able to successfully import the remaining ethecofem posts over to the new site.

If you check out the Blogger site, and it looks like poo, don't be sad. It will look better soon.