Monday, December 21, 2009

Mulligan: What fundamental value(s) informs progressive politics and ethic?

Not long ago I wrote a post entitled What fundamental values informs progressive politics and ethic?, and it spawned lots of responses primarily deconstructing my questions. Most of these comments were valid and some were insightful. However, I feel like the idea that I was trying to convey was not articulated very well. So here I go again...

Why are you a feminist (or anti-racist or socialist)? Is it because you are a woman and you want equality? Well, that is a pretty self-serving reason. Is it because you believe all human beings should be treated equally? Why? I suspect that most people break down to the idea that all human beings, or perhaps life, has an inherent and equal worth. How do we make a case for that idea without accepting it as an axiom, a obvious truth?

Desconstruct your convictions... I'd like to hear what everyone has to say.