Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Heart Huckabees


Have you seen I Heart Huckabees? It's one of my favorite movies-- and I only like approximately 5 movies total, so that's saying a lot.

The plot is as follows: The main character wants to get to the bottom of some crazy coincidence, and hires two existential detectives (who he found via weird coincidence) to help him. In the process, he learns about the nature of existence, finds solace in contradicting existential theories, and continues to question the universe.

I know of no single mainstream or widely-viewed movie where there is a female protagonist questioning existence, in a way that doesn't relate to boys, fashion, or a cliched superhero stereotype.

There are no leading female characters that one is meant to take seriously out there. Women are still being treated as an accessory, even on television and in movies. It's not a myth. And when feminists argued, we got over-compensating nonsense that's almost worse.

I found myself quite literally stricken with sadness upon coming to this realization. Being un-, or under-represented in mainstream media does, eventually, turn personal. And it's really depressing.