Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Heart Day or something

I started to write a post about this article I read about how men are still overwhelmingly expected to ask women to marry them, and not the other way around, but I just could not sustain interest.  It's Valentine's Day, and Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday that I don't care about.  (I am, however, drinking some fantastic wine that my husband picked up, for the occasion that he is equally ambivalent about.)  So, in honor of Hallmark Chocolate Marriage Proposal Day, I give you... links to other blog posts from our blogroll about why Valentine's Day is stupid!

Renee discusses her Valentine's failure;

A list of all of Sociological Images Valentine's Day posts;

Jill would like to know how you're spending this dumb corporate holiday;

Amanda explains why she likes the better implications of Valentine's Day, and shares some previous posts about the holiday;

And in some hopefully good Valentine's news, Lurleen at Pam's House Blend informs us of a bill introduced in Washington State today to remove restrictions prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from marrying.  You can sign this petition to ask your states' lawmakers to do the same.

Finally, via Sociological Images, a short and effective way to suck all of the joy out of your Valentine's Day, if you've managed to participate in any of the mentioned traditions: