Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video of the Day - Distributism

It's nearly an hour long, and the speaker is a bit dry, but as someone who's been meaning to learn more about distributism, I found it enlightening and interesting (although it took a lot of effort to ignore the male-centric language and pronouns used in the examples given, arg).  I was left with one question, though: how, exactly, does a society go about transitioning to a distributist economy?  He touched on the idea of redistributing land or property, but didn't explain how, exactly, this would be implemented.  The Wikipedia page on Distributism, while informative, also fails to explain this.  See, this is why I hate economics, and probably also why I am obsessed with economics.  I can only manage to halfway understand any large economic system before my brain starts melting a little bit, but it's all so fascinating and extremely relevant.  And the system we've got now is clearly not working out well, or getting any better.  I think when I'm done with Milton Friedman's Free to Choose, which is actually very accessible and easy to read for someone like me whose never taken a real economics class and is really new to the study, I may give Toward a Truly Free Market a shot next... assuming he goes more in-depth about the implementation of such a system.

(h/t Innocent Smith)