Friday, June 03, 2011

Have I not cared about gender for that long? Truly Outrageous I tell you!

Yes that is the intro to the old 80s cartoon Jem. I noticed that reruns of it started playing on the channel HUB (294 on Directv) a few days ago. Well as I was promptly setting my tivo box to record it I realized something.

When I was a kid back in the 80s I got up every Saturday morning and watched Jem right along with GI Joe, Transformers, He Man, and all the others and I don't recall a single instance of someone telling me that I should not watch that show because its not a "boy's cartoon".

I mean come on by the script of being a boy that show breaks some pretty serious laws about being a boy. First off the coloring of the artwork. There was pink and bright lights and glitter all over the place. Next the show was about band that really didn't fight so much as battled over and with music (as I recall). I should have have my boy card ripped to pieces. But as far as I recall it wasn't. It was just a part of my Saturday morning cartoon lineup and it got watched just like the others.

So maybe people on the whole were laxing off on the whole gender script even back then.

(While looking for that clip I have at the top of the post I saw in the comment section of another video that supposedly someone has established copyrights of some new Jem characters, possibly meaning a revival. This worries me. One 80s cartoon revivals don't have that great of a track record. Two with the advent of Lady Gaga I'm very concerned that a Jem revival would end up just being a Lady Gaga cartoon.