Sunday, July 03, 2011

Interesting things to read


Five poor arguments against gay marriage.

On the flotilla to Gaza, and the indifferent reaction to the safety of the civilians from the US.

On the consequences of the corporate takeover of the US.

On the Great Speedup -- working longer hours for less pay and less family and recreation time.  It's killing us, and it's not confined to one sector or industry.

Clarissa on the proposed circumcision ban in San Francisco.

Daisy on the restrictive new law that passed in South Caroline, requiring a photo ID to vote.  Many states have recently passed measures like these, but South Carolina is among the hardest hit.

Warren writes about the history of conservatism, and what it looks like today.

On the merits of "regionalization" rather than globalization.

Interesting discussion on the porn industry, and why the author opposes it.

The New York Times does a story on Andrew Breitbart and his tactics to get as much attention as possible.

Renee writes about Canada Day, and makes fun of the rest of us who really just wish we lived in Canada.  (It's really sort of true.)

Dan Waters on marriage, the focus on marriage equality in the LGBTQ movement, and the problems with the institution in general.

Erik Hare with a realistic, yet very optimistic, view of the post-American-Empire America and world.

What have you been reading and/or writing?