Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pardon my recent lack of posting.

I've been busy drinking wine and watching Ally McBeal episodes on Netflix every night.  Despite its overwhelming cheese factor, the show is growing on me (I didn't watch it when it was on in the nineties).  As I expected, Ally has gotten some feminist pushback for its decidedly faux feminism, but I don't mind.  Older shows are easier for me to forgive when it comes to things like that.  Maybe it's because it's easy for me to optimistically assume that, had the show been written today, it would be less trite and stereotypical.  That is unlikely, of course, since most shows on today are just as ridiculous as many of the parts of Ally McBeal, but with upgraded humor.  

I'm nearly done being stressed all day long about my new job, since I'm finally learning how to do it right, so I should resume regular posting soon, since I will hopefully no longer feel the need to laze about for the remainder of my workday, not thinking, and avoiding all forms of numbers and calculating them at all costs.  Until then, are you in the middle of watching anything?