Monday, December 14, 2009

How many heterosexual relationships are affected by misogyny?

Please feel free to elaborate about your answer in the comments section. The results of the poll will find their way into a later blog post, or potential series of blog posts.

[polldaddy poll=2387932]

*The rest of Option #2 (too long for the poll, I guess) is "to the extend that it affects his understanding of my point of view."

While this poll is intended to be taken by women, I am also interested in heterosexual or bisexual male input in the comments, as well. Also, while a discussion about misandry in relationships is worth asking and will likely be discussed here at another time, I'd like to keep this particular conversation directed specifically toward misogyny - intentional or not - in heterosexual relationships. Also, if you are not currently in a relationship, answer for your last relationship, or your past experiences as a whole.