Sunday, December 06, 2009

What fundamental value(s) informs progressive politics and ethic?

I would hypothesize that most human beings I interact with on a daily basis, particularly the progressively minded ones, accept certain fundamental values as truisms, i.e. self-evident and obvious truths. One example of these might be the ethic of reciprocity, a.k.a. the "golden rule". Out for a stroll in the toasty 20 degree weather I was playing a little "Descartes" and thought of this blog. Consequently, I am posting these questions to the blogosphere regarding fundamental values much of progessive ethics and politics seem to be based. I am pretty familiar with the religious answers to these questions, vaguely familiar with the ethicist's answers, and feel ok about my own but I'd really like to hear all of yours.

1. Is it wrong treat one category of human being as lesser or greater? Why?
2. Is it wrong to kill another human being for any reason? Why?
3. Are the any intrinsic differences between categories of people? Are there any implications of this?
4. Is it possible to use power justly? How is it derived justly? Why?

Anxious to hear from you all.