Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Over the last several... weeks... months... I suppose that I am not really sure exactly how long. I have been disengaging from political and social news and discourse. My radio spends less and less time tuned into the local public radio news channel and more time on the local school district's Jazz station. I've been reading more literature and less non-fiction. I've been getting healthier... nearly 50 pounds lighter, eating nutritiously, and riding my cool new beach cruiser bicycle.

New Bicycle

What's the problem you ask? I don't feel guilty about being so disengaged. But some how I feel like I should? Don't get me wrong... I still hold the same values, in fact I've started doing some honest to goodness volunteering... so am I nuts? Should I be guilt stricken that I have not read the 2000 + pages of the health bill that just passed? Or that I still haven't finished another complete feminist book since the Bell Hook's Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center?

Where do you all find the balance between keeping your center and being engaged in the world? What ways do you asses these things in your life?