Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh! So, I got married.

Jesse and I got married a year ago and kept it a secret from everyone we knew for a year. We informed most people by mailing them an invitation to our one-year wedding anniversary. The reaction was certainly mixed among family and friends, but overwhelmingly, everyone seems happy for us (once we got them to believe it wasn't a joke). I wanted to share this because the story itself it cute and adorable.

Check out the officiant's LJ post about it here for a nice summary of the event. I announced it at work today, and the reactions were hilarious and interesting enough that I'm sure they'll find their way into an upcoming post about men and women announcing to their communities that they're married. Not that announcing a marriage a year after it occurred is exactly a common societal practice...

Keeping a secret like that for a year was fucking hard. I'm relieved to finally be able to say it out loud now :)