Tuesday, May 03, 2011

[Daily rant] To the people of Missouri...

Some people don't feel this was worth saving. I beg to differ.

...whose homes have been flooded: deal with it. According to the New York Times article, only 90 homes were destroyed in the flooding. However, there were 1,571 occupied households in Cairo [locals say Care-oh] that stood to be demolished by a furious onslaught of the river gods. Some people have argued that a valuable crop was ruined, and frankly, that's a-okay because if you're a farmer sitting on valuable land, then you replant and rebuild since the land's not going anywhere.

Imagine if the decision had been made to destroy Cairo? What would we have done with close to 3,000 displaced citizens with little money and no home? Add to that the fact that Cairo is majority black and it is clear that the flooding of Missouri has prevented an even greater catastrophe in every fiscal and social aspect. At best, this is a warning sign that needs to be seriously heeded to the people on both sides of the river, although I'm not calling out the residents for irresponsibility in choosing where to live, work, grow, falter. Clearly it also demonstrates the little faith Americans place in emergency preparedness, something they'll willingly forgo for a brittle sense of comfort and place. Hint, hint, federal government, start preparing to migrate the residents now, not when they're on the brink of destruction.

I will admit that I've been biased against the farmlands since the beginning of this dilemna [sic] since, call me heartless if you will, I care much less about Missouri than most other states, and Cairo, IL is one of the places in America that I absolutely have to go to before I die. Or get banished/imprisoned/excommunicated. Already at the fnc we have people saying that the farmland was flooded as part of a collusion between Cairo residents and Obama [native son of Illinois] and that this is an example of Marxism.

Oh, and this makes me unbelievably angry, that the fnc would dare use the death of Osama to vindicate the "enhanced interrogation techniques", which by the way, were so effective they only took years to get results from. Bow down liberals! Bush was right all along. I think that since we now have proof that waterboarding works, that we should expand the program. There is no reason to limit it to "enemy combatants" when we could start extracting "truth" and deriving "justice" from suspected rapists, murderers, embezzlers and for the extra mile, errant schoolchildren.

EDIT: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Thank you, Senator Feinstein.