Friday, December 31, 2010

G'bye, 2010!

Get organized for 2011! One of my personal goals is to get rid of all the useless shit I lug around with me from residence to residence for no particularly good reason. Like piles of stupid trinkets, and clothes I will never wear.

35 "life hacks" to know about. Some are quite fascinating and helpful, such as how to unlock a chain from the outside of the door. I can't even count the number of times I really could have used this trick a few years ago.

Jezebel's handy FUCK YOU to 2010 list:
Fuck the February Snomageddon and fuck the December Snopocalypse. Fuck people being shocked about a fucking killer whale fucking killing someone at Sea World. Fuck the earthquake in Chile, fuck the mine exploding in West Virginia, fuck the fucking TSA getting all up in my fucking crotch. Fuck the Arizona immigration law, fuck the attempted Times Square bombing, fuck Don Draper crying.

If you can get this fricken guy to run forward without breaking all of his bones, and you teach me how, you'll be my new hero.

Huffington Post has a bunch of great end-of-the-year slideshows up. I especially love the one about the decade's best internet memes.

They also have a massive list of things you should resolve to do, or not do, in 2011.

Jezebel lists their top stories of 2010, which made me decide to figure out ethecofem's... which I can't seem to do. Any suggestions?

And finally, for all of your internet meme nostalgia needs, behold: