Saturday, February 26, 2011

New commenting platform

Howdy there, would-be commenters!

In the seemingly never-ending quest for a reasonable commenting tool that everyone doesn't have problems with or just simply hate, I installed IntenseDebate today.  It should go into affect for any future comments, and someday, when they fix a bug that is probably Blogger's fault, the older comments should import into the same platform.  If anyone reading this actually cares about that.

You shouldn't have to sign up for anything if you don't want to (I imagine most people have used ID before, anyway; I didn't realize that I had, but turns out I did), and you should be able to choose to comment with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google profiles if you want, too.  Let's see if the Facebook app I made for that works.

Clearly, I am the master of all things technical.

Let me know here if you [a] have problems commenting; [2] just flat out HATE IntenseDebate; [iii] have anything else to say about it; or [IV] want to talk about something else entirely, like what you ate for dinner, or your favorite beer, or which of the Final Destination series was your favorite.