Wednesday, March 09, 2011


So, I go to dinner with Jesse, all leisurely-like and happy, where I have a good calzone, try an interesting new beer, and then get home and settle in to take an online American Government test, check Facebook, and--- WHAT?!!  Wisconsin Republicans found a way to push through their bill on collective bargaining without the missing Democrats?!

Here’s what just happened in Wisconsin: the rules of the state’s Senate require a quorum for any measures that spend money. That’s how the absence of the Senate’s Democrats could stymie Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget law -- it spent money, and thus it needed a quorum.
But in a surprise move earlier today, Wisconsin’s Senate Republicans rewrote the bill and left out all the parts that spent money. Then they quickly convened and passed the new law, which included the provisions stripping most public-employee unions of their collective bargaining rights but excluding everything in the law that spent money.
I will be in Madison Saturday.  Expect a lot of Tweets (@AprilStreich) and photos of the certain rage to come.

Watch the UpTake's live footage from the state capital here:

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