Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What do you do when you have weight to lose & money to burn?

Inject yourself with $1000 pregnant lady pee and restrict your diet to 500 calories a day.  Supergreat idea!  Even better: doctors approve!
The regimen combines daily injections with a near-starvation diet, and patients, mostly women, are often enticed by promises that they can lose about a pound a day without feeling hungry. Perhaps even more seductively, they are frequently told that the hCG will prompt their bodies to carry away and metabolize fat that has been stored where they least want it — in their upper arms, bellies and thighs[...]
Lionel Bissoon, a well-known society doctor with an office off Central Park West, charges $1,150 for his hCG program, which covers an examination, injection training, a month’s supply of the hormone and syringes, and blood work to monitor for possible trouble.   

It's another restrictive diet that is not realistic for long-term weight loss or, more importantly, health.  And it's a real shame that the New York Times is even giving the diet any kind words, and not just lambasting it for its serious risks, instead.

Oh, happy International Women's Day, although I really hate days like this.  Mostly because my Twitter feed gets really clogged, and a bunch of people saying "happy #IWD, here's an article to piss you off" isn't really any different than the usual "hey it's Monday, here's an article to piss you off."

There are two days a year when patriarchy pretends to care about women: International Woman's Day and Mother's Day.  It really comes down to a token inclusion.  What does it really mean to set aside two days in an entire year to assert the importance of women?  If women really mattered, there would be equal representation of all women in every field.  Picking a day or even a month, is not a celebration of women, it is tokenism. That we run clamoring to celebrate this tokenism, says that we are ready to except the few crumbs that are granted to us.  I want equality for all women.