Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes?, No?, Maybe So?

(Let me step in here and give you folks something to chew on while April marinates on the protest rally she attended.)

(Per a request in the comments I'm throwing up a content warning. The following video is of a fight between two school kids and gets pretty serious at the end. My apologies to anyone that was caught off guard by the video.)

Borrowed from Renee.

Just want to know what you think about this situation. I put the video first because Renee actually mentions the disciplinary action that was rendered afterwards and I want you to think about what you would do first.

I myself have been in the position of the larger kid (Casey Haines) before and am of the mind that the little twerp got what he deserved, busted leg and all. This the full comment I left at Renee's:
You know I've been that bigger kid before so frankly speaking that smaller kid got exactly what he deserved.

But more specifically II'm betting that the only reason we have access to that video is because that smaller kid wanted to get a recording of him showing off how tough he is by getting the better of that larger kid and unfortunately for the smaller the one taking the video thought it was still worth sharing. You see in school culture some (not sure how many so I'll say "some" because I know that this is not the only time this has happened) smaller kids think that in order to survive they have to prove how badass they are. And one surefire way to do that is to "take down" someone larger (think David and Goliath). The reason its surefire is because some (not sure how many so I'll say "some" because I know that this is not the only time this has happened) larger kids don't want to get violent because they don't want to be the big scary violent kid that will sit on you. Well this smaller kid gambled that the Casey would be too scared to fight back...and he lost...big time. And speaking of the big scary violent kid notice that after he slammed that kid the second wan't quite so quick to jump him?

Also I'd bet money this is not an isolated incident between those exact kids. That kid has probably messed with him before but this time he wanted it on camera.

So in the end this is one of those times where my dark side wins and I will openly say fuck that little kid and his busted leg (and the friends that were backing him) because he shouldn't have messed with him in the first place. And yes I'm calling it self defense because if he hadn't of stood his ground at that point I can guarantee that would not have been their last encounter. And by not standing his ground Casey would more than likely opened himself up to other kids wanting to score and easy victory. While his life may not have been in direct danger in that confrontation I frankly think that by doing that he may have saved himself a lot of pain in the way of becoming the school punching bag.

You remember the first Back To The Future movie where Marty McFly's dad was picked on by Biff Tanner? When the movie started George McFly was pretty much a coward that was demoralized by years of teasing and bullying by Biff. While in 1955 Marty helped George believe in himself and confront Biff. The George McFly of the 1985 that Marty went back to was very different from the George McFly of the 1985 Marty started the movie off with.

As for the person trying to say that Casey went too far I wonder what he would say about Casey 15 years in the future after not standing up for himself. That blogger would probably tell him to "man up" or some shit like that. Most adults that have low self esteem didn't just wake up one morning with all their self esteem drained away. The issue started in the past. During formative years like this.
So what do you think? Did Casey go too far? Should he have run? Did he handle business?

Hell if I had video editing skills I'd add some effects and make it similar to something like this.

Even after thinking about it (and cooling off a bit) in the end yes I would have punished Casey but only because he did fight, but it would have been the smallest punishment I could come up with. However rest assured by the time I passed judgement that little twerp would have had plenty of time for that leg to heal proper.