Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's parents' fault that marketers exploit children

At least, that's what reporter Rayne Millaray seems to think.

Liz Szabo complains in USA Today that marketers are preying on children, and especially little girls, when they push sexuality on 8-year-olds.  Millaray, on the other hand, thinks the parents of these children aren't "doing their  jobs," because they bought their 8-year-old the cell phone that showed them the controversial ads, and that said parents are, in fact, interfering with marketers' ability to do their jobs:
Parents! You're right. The marketing industry doesn't have your childrens' best interests at heart. They are more worried about money than your kids' mental and physical safety. Their job is to bring in money, not parent your kids. So why not let them do their job, while you continue to do yours?
What's alarming is the utter lack of analysis over the admitted fact that marketers are more concerned with profit than with being responsible and ethical members of our society.  They are the problem, laws regarding marketing and advertising to children are the problem, the allowance of Big Business to pursue profit over all else is the problem; the problem is not a parent who buys their kid a fricken cell phone, unnecessary as one may be for any given preteen.

File under: blaming the individual for systemic issues, "that's just the way it is."