Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Miguel v. Marcotte feat. Steve Buscemi, in "Nice Guys," Part Deux

So, there was that whole "Nice Guy" shitstorm a month ago.  Miguel Bloomfontosis, the unintentional starter of said shitstorm, brought it back the other day with this hilarious fake dialog about his disagreements with Amanda Marcotte between himself, Marcotte, and Steve Buscemi:

Miguel:  I never said “women prefer assholes” and I never said “confident men who get laid are assholes.”  I said young women overvalue social dominance and an entitled attitude.  And overvalue is not the same thing as “only value.” And yeah, sure, all things being equal, a woman is going to prefer a man who’s nice over an asshole.  But all things are rarely equal, and when a woman overvalues social dominance…
Amanda Marcotte:  Confidence, Miguel, you’re talking about confidence.
Miguel:  Actually, I think “social dominance” entails a degree of aggression that goes beyond “confidence”… but if you want to call it “confidence,” fine.  If a woman overvalues “confidence,” then she’s going to be more receptive to “assholes” than to genuinely nice men who happen to be a little bit shy.  And sure, there are a lot of confident men who are also nice, and if Matt Damon gets to fuck… uh…
Steve Buscemi:  Sarah Silberman?
Miguel:  Yeah, her.  If she’s fucking Matt Damon then bully for him.  But there are a lot ofother “confident” men who aren’t particularly nice, and…
Amanda Marcotte:  But that’s up to her, Miguel.  If she wants to make shitty choices in who she dates, and “overvalue” confidence, or “social dominance,” or whatever, that’s her fucking choice.
Steve Buscemi:  She’s got a point, Miguel.  Her fuckin’ choice.

Buscemi being included is just a riot, with his strange interjections and joint-lighting.  Miguel turned Amanda into this sort of bar hag/intellectual hybrid caricature, which, as a completely neutral party who enjoys reading both of their blogs, I found to be quite funny.  I actually can't imagine Marcotte not laughing at this dialog.

Definitely worth reading the whole thing.