Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Timeline for Libya

I would never be one to accuse our Wise and Gracious Leader of acting out of turn, but the situation in Libya has arisen a key question: What is the timetable for the operation?

It becomes painfully clear that we cannot have Obama pull a bush [capitalization no longer necessary] if liberals are to have a chance at hegemony in the next round of elections. The war in Afghanistan, if something so fluid and indefinable could be called a war, is approaching its tenth anniversary, combat troops have all been pulled out of Iraq, and we still continue to maintain obscene levels of soldier in Germany since what seems to be the origins of the universe.

So we must demand a timeline from Obama. The public image of America is tanking. No one thinks well of us anymore, not even ourselves. And like they say, you have to love yourself before others love you. On top of that, our nation is going bankrupt, the debt to the penny today being 14,314,796,837,035.76 USD. For this kind of money, it would have just been easier for us to have bought Libya from Brother Muammar, although the realtor's commission would have been a monster.

How's this? If the Great Leader of the Revolution isn't overthrown within two years, we wash our hands of the affair and let the rest of the world take care of it. Two years is plenty of time to facilitate an organic rebellion, and a set timeline with which we can develop goals and milestones.

Here's a link,

[although if you're one of our liberal and/or highly connected readers you've probably already read, digested and excreted articles such as these in the course of your colorful, kaleidoscopic lives and you're not one to be subjected to required reading because of a delightful sense of individualism]

that I submit as evidence that this war is no humanitarian effort. Were it so, Congress would be a little more willing to debate the merits of it, or at the very least talk about it, preferably in a café where the beverages are appropriate for dipping.