Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm Here Illegally - a Pulizer Prize winner shares his story of what it's been like to be an illegal immigrant living "The American Dream" by most standards.

Barney Frank and Ron Paul introduce bipartisan legislation to end federal marijuana prohibition.  We'll see if this actually goes anywhere.  I doubt it, but I'm happy to see it introduced.

Friday is March on Your Capitol Day!  If you can, get out to your State Capitol and remind our government that the Capitol belongs to the people.

A peaceful pro-workers rights protester was punched in the face by a Walker supporter at a rally at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  In similar news, one of the Netroots panelists was also punched in the face by an apparent white supremacist while standing outside of the Hilton, where RightOnline was held and many of the attendees of both conferences were staying for the weekend.

And, the Golden Girls on marriage equality:

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