Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm not completely buying it

So it would seem that the women of The Talk issues an apology for their commentary last week about Catherine Kieu Becker allegedly drugging her husband, tying him to a bed, chopping off his penis, tossing it in the garbage disposal and turning it on, and then telling the cops "he deserved it". As you recall I was, not happy about that.

Well it looks like either enough people were also not happy about it or those women grew a conscience in the last week.

Here's a link to the apology. (Embedding is disabled.) It starts about about 1:15.

Simply put I'm not fully buying it. Yeah its nice they apologized but hear me out for a bit.

1. She couldn’t start the apology on her own because she was fighting off the urge to laugh, and the crowd was laughing with her. You’d think they ask the audience to be serious. But on the real if you start laughing before you even begin your apology you really shouldn't expect to be taken seriously.

2. That apology was so generic you wouldn’t think they were laughing at it because it was a man despite Osbourne even saying that it was "different" because the alleged victim was a man. My money still says if that had been a woman that had her genitals mutilated that 4 minutes of laughter would not have happened in the first place. In fact I bet a few hosts of shows would have even done a "special episode" about domestic violence against women. As someone at NSWATM noted this line of logic basically means that making fun of female rape victims with the implication that rape against women is funny is bad only because you're joking about rape. The problem with their commentary wasn't just they were making fun of genital mutilation. The problem with their commentary was that they were acting under the notion that genital mutilation against men is funny because they're men. That is the conversation that needs to go down.

3. And speaking of that four minutes of laughter one of them gave a sob story about how hard it is to keep the conversation going on a live show. She also said they don’t always say the right thing all the time. Okay I understand no one’s perfect and we say the wrong thing at times but is that supposed to explain or excuse why they went on making fun of that man for FOUR MINUTES. Not 20-30sec, FOUR MINUTES. Can you imagine Dane Cook trying to defend his rape jokes by saying its hard to do live stand up for 10min. and sometimes the wrong thing comes out?

So while I do like that they apologized I'm just not feeling the love. Hopefully Beckers' alleged victim does.

But in the end it does show one thing. If this apology was the result of people sending in letters, complaints, facebook messages, and tweets then it means that there people out there that actually do care about men.