Monday, July 18, 2011

Still not funny...

I just posted this a short while ago at my place but I want to put it over here too (and April invited me to do so). Frankly I'm still heated about this and I'll be other people are too. If you don't feel like being nice about the commentary by all means bring your fire over to my place. But just because I'm giving you more leeway than April doesn't mean you have a blank check to say what you want. Be nice to April folks.

(This post is about the violent mutilation of a man's genitals and some horrible people that actually laugh at it, cheer about it, and joke about it. Tread carefully.)

For the last few days I've been following the case of Catherine Kieu Becker, the woman who allegedly drugged her husband, tied him to a bed, chopped off his penis, threw it the garbage disposal (and turned it on), called the cops then told the cops on the scene that deserved it. However on a count of spending my Friday night getting ready for the final Harry Potter movie and then being away from the net from Saturday morning til Sunday evening I missed out on the news about some rather offensive commentary about the case from the women who host the CBS day time talk show The Talk. I'm going to show you the horror that I'm about to talk about. Like I said above this is some terrible stuff. Oh and if you're a fan of Sharon Osbourne before and still are after viewing this then I'm pretty sure I will no longer respect you in any way shape or form.

From the 7-14-11 episode of The Talk on CBS

Simply put this is disgusting and disrespectful to say the very least. Sara Gilbert eventually mentions the double standard but Sharon Osbourne doesn't let that stop her from celebrating the violence that was committed against this man (and she also joked about having an altar for Lorena Bobbit). All around that was hard to watch. To not only see it happen but where it happened. These are not some random nameless faceless folk in the farthest reaches of 4Chan. No these women are known people and celebrities on a nationally broadcasted show on a major network talking this misandry.

At one point in the video one of them (the woman to the far left) comments that she can think of one instance where she would do cut off a man's genitals. But she won't go into it. Why? Because they are laughing and joking and the thing she's thinking about is not a laughing manner (my guess is she's talking about rape, although I've seen one other speculate child rape specifically). So that one thing is not a laughing manner but this is? No its not. I said a while back that violence against men is not funny. Rest assured nothing has happened in the last year and half that made it suddenly funny or okay.

In case you're thinking about defending it:

1. "But look at all the women who are abused/tortured/raped/killed everyday!"

Doesn't justify vigilante justice or lashing out in violence. Or should we just make the whole world "blind"?

2. "I'll bet he abused her. She was just fighting back.

Early signs say he was drugged and tied up so self-defense is a no go. But if you insist on going this route pulling a Mary Winkler will not cut it here. Her words alone are not evidence of self-defense. Motivation to go looking for actual evidence of self-defense but not self-defense on its own.

3. "But, patriarchy!!!!

If you think that applies then you're using it wrong and there may be no hope for you.

4. "But its different from when it happens to women.

Please explain how the difference in genitals makes this okay.

5. "But she said he deserved it."

Unless he was in the middle of attacking her no he didn't. Refer to point 2.

6. (Oh and if you dare try to use "institutional power", "privilege", or any other buzzwords to explain this away or minimize it I'm warning you now my Moderation Style will be swift and unyielding.)


Point is there is absolutely NO reason that this man deserved to have this done to him.

And Sharon Osbourne should be ashamed of herself but it should be no surprise since just a few weeks ago she said, “I would have chopped his willy (penis) off. Arnie’s willy would have been down the disposal unit spinning around, that’s where it’d be – and I’d make her clean it up. That mop would have been wrapped around her head.” when commenting on the recent discovery of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity. Just plain awful. If anything Osbourne needs to lose her job on that show and since they were so happy about joking about this attack on national tv they should be able to apologize to him on national tv. So its time to ante up. I was planning on contacting someone about this and low and behold the nice folks at No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz? has rounded up contact info already.

  • At CBS’s website comment form, select “Complaint,” and then “The Talk” from the dropdown menu. Let them know exactly how you feel.

  • Write CBS on Twitter.

  • Write CBS on Facebook.

  • Email CBS Investor Relations or call them at 877-227-0787. (Put your cursor over the link to get the email address from the bottom lower left of your browser window.) You might inform them that you will be contacting their advertisers to tell them what they implicitly supported, and considering boycotting the same. If you have any investments in CBS properties (directly or through retirement accounts, etc.), you should tell them you will be reconsidering those investments.

  • File a complaint with the FCC.

I also received a link to a Youtube video covering the story a few days ago. When's the last time you saw a news station headline a male against female violence story with "Ouch!"?

Received a link to this via email earlier today.

Time to ante up!