Friday, August 26, 2011

Ron Paul open thread

Here's a good site detailing his congressional voting record through at least 2007, and another with some more voting and issues information.  As can be expected (and as many of us already know), some of it's great, and much of it is lunacy.

But I'm curious: regardless of whether or not he has a chance of winning either the GOP nomination or the presidency, what are your opinions on him, his candidacy, and his overall message?  What do you think a Ron Paul presidency would look like?  More importantly, how do you think the political landscape and national discourse might be affected if the mainstream media -- and America -- were forced to listen?  I know we've all got that Ron Paul supporter or three that we know that make you kind of want to scream sometimes when they keep going on about gold, but you have to admit, the guy is saying things and challenging the establishment in a way that no other candidate in recent history has dared -- or been allowed -- to do.  

You're welcome to comment however you wish, of course, but I am hoping for something a little more substantial than simply "he's a racist," "he's crazy," or "he will never win" -- as well as "he's our only hope," "fiat currency is evil," or "Obama's a Republican."  He's got a history dotted with racism, homophobia, and de facto sexism, but hey, so do the rest of the dipshits in the running for the nomination, so let's chat.


Have at it!