Friday, May 13, 2011

Turning tricks on the quad.

So willing to get on it's knees and take it.

I'm a second-rate student, with poor grades and unusually high test scores and nothing to define me out of the throngs of sunbaked and brainfried teenagers [I say this jokingly, of course, except about the people of Arizona] who graduate each year from Floridian high schools. Like most of those of us filled with goodwill and intention and no way to prove it on paper, I was bound to attend FSU since UF is probably not a realistic goal.

Looking to graduate from FSU with a degree in social sciences, my preferred field would've been economics. But after reading this [read, now!], how can I trust the faculty to teach from their heart, when a good number of them live in fear of being fired or censored by the Koch brothers? These Koch-grubbers, who have been given the power to hire and fire and sculpt the curriculum at will of a special subset of the economics department.

It is not just only 2 faculty members affected; while FSU has this contract in place, students must essentially play Let's Make a Deal every semester during the registration period, hoping that their gamble will pay off. If not, they will be forced to swallow a blue pill of economic concepts derived from "Ayn Rand" and the power of the free market. As these are courses for the major,  it will be difficult to make the choice to withdraw, especially for the select few  looking to the graduate or professional track where even a small number of withdrawals is the equivalent of the admissions committee finding a severed hand in your envelope.

The Koch brothers are instructing professors to preach an ideology which regardless of its academic and practical soundness is a vision of the economy that is not mainstream or in practical use in the United States, and that severely maims whatever reputation that the Florida State University, and by extension its alumni, might have once held. All this over the measly sum of $1.5 million dollars, the costliest cool million the university has yet to have seen.

Most people donate to universities out of something resembling goodwill, but the brothers have taken advantage of Florida's predatory education cuts and found in FSU an entity willing to suck Kochs for money. We can only hope that they spit... the money, right back at them.