Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things People Google to Get to ethecofem, pt. 4

Now THAT is some serious talent. 

As always, these are verbatim, and, for the most part, I really have no idea what the connection is between some of these searches and this blog (although some are posted just because I thought they were funny, even if the connection is clear). Oh, the things people Google!

drill sergeant metaphorical extention
large assholes
hipsters in minneapolis
grape flavored menthol pencils
capitalist privilege
i like dumb boys
bank regulation d +"bullshit"
12 15 yo preteen forum
mixed emotions osama
"al gore"
holy fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin s
i met a girl from east la wearing floral shorts
big butt model
worst minnesotans
facebook message outing girlfriend
april lukes streich smoking ban
koolaid drinker slur
how to choose style and groom the perfect moustache
cattle truck army
cro-magnon eating fruits
lesbian thriller movies