Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Why the hostility?

So Daisy asks why I'm so hostile to feminism (Okay she didn't ask so much as wish I weren't so hostile to it and then I once again started asking myself that question).

Its a sensible question. Anyone that's ever read my posts, my comments at other blogs, seen where I both agree and disagree with feminists on a regular basis may be thinking that I'm a bit of a paradox when confronted with feminism. And that's not even counting the fact that I'm regularly contribute here, a feminist blog. How can a person who can see eye to eye with members of a movement have their hostility triggered so easily by members of that movement?

Its almost like there are two forces fighting for control of how Danny (yes I just referred to myself in the third person, love it) reacts to feminists.

On one hand I have no problem with interacting with them at places like No, Seriously What About Teh Menz ? and The Good Men Project. But on the other I can get into some pretty heated disagreements with them at those very same places (I go by "Danny" at both of those places BTW). There must be more to it.

Yes an X Factor. Something that when triggered has me fighting off the urge to dog feminists out for every bit I can with no thoughts of mercy or quarter (if it makes you feel any better this is not unique to feminism, its one of the parts of being a Scorpio that really sticks).

I have to figure what it is in order to deal with it. And on the bigger picture I know I'm not the only one with such hostility (and not just with feminists, I'm talking hostility with anyone that comes off a bit strong) and said hostility has to be confronted.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.