Thursday, October 06, 2011

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Open Thread

(This is a thread about domestic violence and abuse. Tread carefully.)

As the title says this is a month to recognize victims of domestic violence. Terrible that we even need a month to remind ourselves of things but that's another story. I wasn't sure what type of post to write so I've decided to make an open thread.

Domestic Abuse Help Line for Men and Women
This one has depictions of violence in it.

News Video: Abused Men

Toy Soldier: I've linked him a lot in my posts on violence. Give him a read and check out his side bar for links to sources for support for victims of violence.

Strictly Moderated: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Ozy with her own post on this month. Check out the side bar over there too.

Reinvention of the Wheel: This is a post I did last year about a gender neutral Power and Control Wheel. Unlike the version made famous by The Duluth Model this one actually recognizes that not all domestic violence is male against female.

This one doesn't have any depictions of violence but it is of a victim showing the wounds from the abuse he suffered.

Please come and share your stories, links to lines of support, and anything else on the subject. Well not anything else.

1. Please don't try to question or deny the validity someone else's experiences of DV.

2. Please don't engage in arguing over "who has it worse". The fact that one type of violence may happen more than another does not erase that other type of violence. Victims quite literally come from all walks of life and they all need help.