Sunday, October 02, 2011

Since we didn't name them last time...

It's come to our attention that between the bunch of us here we come across way too many things to post about during the week so we need a place to share those things that are interesting but maybe not interesting enough for a full post or perhaps there's not enough time in the week to post on them. To that end we present to you our roundup for the week (mental note, come up with clever or cool name).

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State holds off on all-boys charter school; possible bias against girls cited: "State officials are withholding a decision on a key planning grant for a proposed all-male charter school in Madison over their concerns the concept discriminates against girls." What?

Michael Sanchez Gets Back His Abducted Daughter After Almost Four Years: So what's the value and purpose of the Hague Convention again?

Boys believe discussing problems is a waste of time and weird, says study: Speaking as a man who was once a boy I don't think they are digging deep enough with at least some of those boys. I can totally see how some boys would say that talking about problems was a waste of time in an effort to not have to admit that it would feel embarrassing. Remember, the script of being a boy/man says to NEVER ADMIT TO WEAKNESS.

More Misplaced Hatred For The Used Games Market: Logic. Mike Masnick has it. Quick real world example of how shutting down the used game market would really hurt customers (you know, the people that its supposedly all about?). Let's say I get my hands on a copy of Gears of War 3, play through it and really decide to go play the other two. Good luck finding a new copy of Gears of War 1 and 3. Or let's say I the Thief 4 sounds interesting but alas, I do not know the entire back story. I dare you to walk into any video game story and pick up a new copy of any of the previous three titles. Simply put if the used game market is killed off because it "hurts developers/publishers" then its going to hurt customers that want to get into a title that's part of an ongoing series. Used games are a very important gateway into getting into established franchises (yeah unless you really want to believe that all the people that are into the Bioshock series really started off buying the first one brand new).

Yes, It's True: Ben & Jerry's Introduces 'Schweddy Balls' Ice Cream Flavor: On the real? I guess the next flavor will be "Dezz Nuts In Yo Mouf".

The Myth Of Men Not Being Hot Party Mix:"It is true that men are too often assumed unattractive in our culture. Men are supposed to be the subjects, not the objects, the pursuers, not the pursued, the desirers, not the desired. This ties in with the gatekeeper model of sexuality, with Figleaf’s Two Rules of Desire, with Ozy’s Myth of Men Not Being Hot. And it’s total bullshit."

Kate Gosselin Scared As She Faces Unemployment: On the real this is not the first time a large family has lost its income stream. There are countless families out there that have faced and are facing this exact situation, and some are even larger than Kate's family. Don't get me wrong I feel for her but there's no need to act like this is the first time its ever happened. (But this bit of rant is not pointed at Kimberly Ripley, she's honestly the first article on it I cam across. This is more pointed all the folks making such a big deal about it.)

Hate amendment sponsor NC State Sen. Forrester on gays: ‘We need to reach out to them and get them to change their lifestyle back to the one we accept’
: Yes Senator James Forrester wants to get gays to change their lifestyle back to one that is acceptable...

Chris Christie is Fat. Isn’t That Hilarious?: Jeff Fecke talking about why fat shaming a male politician is just not cool.

PETA Doesn’t Give a Shit About Humans: So it PETA run by human hating animals now or something?

Junk Food Is "Cheaper": Challenging the conventional wisdom that junk food is cheaper.