Friday, December 02, 2011

I wonder how long I've been doing that.

A while back I recall reading a post on some blog (I THINK it was NSWATM) on a study that showed men as well as women were more mindful about what they ate when they were in the company of others. I didn't think I did this but low and behold I do.

A few days ago while out to lunch I came across some coworkers who offered me a seat at their table and I accepted. Just to explain I live in what one would call the boonies so its not like options to eat out are all over the place. Anyway this place in particular has a pretty good buffet given the lack of choice. And by pretty good I mean two plate plied up followed by dessert minimum good.

Oddly enough on that day, with those coworkers, I only ate a salad and a single modest plate.

It actually hit me as I was leaving that I actually cut my meal short out of fear of "looking like a pig". Don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about cutting your meal short in and of itself. To me its a matter of why one cut's their meal short. Am I doing it for me or am I doing it for other people? That whole thing about ends and means and justification.

Just an observation.

Excuse me while I rack my brain thinking back on every meal I've had with company to examine if I cut the meal short because I was with company (or because of certain company)....