Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I'm Reading

I've been really busy with school, planning this "surprise, we got married and didn't tell you for a year" party, and trying to manage all the "wait, so you got married? When?" and the "Huh?" and the "...Wait, what's your last name?" and the "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and the "wait, what?" questions, that I haven't been paying much attention to the blogosphere lately. I have, however, thought of a million things to blog about later, when I have more time, and I've also read a couple of great articles that I would like to forward onward in the meantime.

Jos at Feministing writes about a new Kotex ad that makes fun of tampon commercials, but still can't manage to say "vagina" once.

Shout out to the now-public husband, who's started a blog where you ask for his advice about anything, and he gives it to you. Like Dear Abby, but modern and better. And it's fun and anonymous.

An author on Feministing Community highlights how she is at odds with the frequency in which feminism is presented as a "members only" club to interested, but new women and men. I especially love this article because, as anyone who's read other blog posts I've written previously would know, I'm especially interested in making sure that we don't place obstacles in front of people who want to learn about feminism.