Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I lack sustained motivation

I am thinking of a million different fascinating things to talk about, but lack the sustained motivation to write an entire blog post.

I am currently thinking about my Intro to Philosophy final paper. I have finally narrowed down a hesitant thesis/hypothesis: Should people be trusted to know what's best for themselves, when considering the impact of everyone's personal and individual decisions on their immediate or larger communities?

The goal, as this is an introductory class that covers just the basics of major philosophers from ancient times to contemporary, is to use a few philosophers' (Plato, John Locke, and Rousseau, for starters) writings to set a basic timeline for this ongoing discussion, and eventually (15 or so pages later) attempt to not only argue for my side, but actually choose one.

What do you think about this thesis? Should all people always be trusted to know what's best for not only themselves, but themselves in relation to their communities and the larger communities that they may not come in immediate contact with, but ultimately affect?

What else are you thinking about lately?