Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Check it out

Listen up, Democrats: FUCK BIPARTISANSHIP.

Country and rap music: more similar than we thought?  I suppose this shouldn't be so terribly surprising, considering how often I hear things like "I like all music except country and rap!"  

Vanity Fair's Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.  Yet another call to the wealthy to stop being greedy pigs if they want to avoid an all-out class war.  

The influence of marketing on kids' food preferences.  Things like this make me extremely angry.  Exploiting an easily impressionable class of people in the name of profit should be illegal.  Period.

Thought Cloud, one of my latest favorite blogs, published a horrific piece of victim-blaming, rape-apology garbage the other day.  The comments are encouraging, though, in how quickly the entire place blew up at the author for her blatant misogyny and slut-shaming.  And a Thought Cloud editor published what appears to be a very sincere apology that not only expresses regret, but also shows a thorough understanding of exactly what was wrong with the article.  Looks like I won't need to stop reading TC, after all.

Some really neat pictures of Chicago in the 1940s. 

The daughters of Minneapolis mayor RT Rybak and St Paul mayor Chris Coleman accidentally live across the street from each other in New York City.  

Tips to help you not be an asshole at a restaurant.

Amanda Marcotte on growing up with the music of the 90s.  Made me nostalgic and craving some Alanis and  Meredith Brooks.

Jessica Valenti on fathers and equal parenting, and the surprise her husband receives from people when he's seen parenting his child alone in public.

The spread of superbugs, and the rising risk of antibiotic resistance.