Friday, April 15, 2011

Introducing Myself

An introduction is warranted. My name will probably pop up on the banner above, as a co-blogger, hopefully to build some kind of reputation on the blogosphere, but mainly because out of love for this one so much. Love: there's a word I don't use too much.*

Having terribly dull personal characteristics, some will be shared here**, standard tidbits of the kind that we'd exchange if we were to meet in person (which we won't):

Favorite books: Blood Meridian and Mrs. Dalloway (an open recommendation of which is still extended to April, and whose weight has been increased with my "co-status")

Favorite films: The Shining and Annie Hall and 8 and 1/2. Can a political ideology or cosmopolitan vision be derived from these choices? (If an emotional response to a work of art could be considered a choice).

Favorite presidents: George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon. Because if someone inquires why anyone like yours truly would leave the "perfection" of the United States, it can be stated with sincerity and forwardness and a hint of patrony*** that it is full of people who elected these men. They form a rational and intellectual ticket out, not that an excuse is needed.

Secretive feelings of questionable value: That Barack Obama should show his birth certificate ... if/but only to make the birther-bagger movement look even more out of touch with reality. EDIT 4-28-2011: Someday, we will look back at these times, sitting at the bar with ex-birthers, and engage in harmonious laughter.

Best food: Cheese. The most delicious bundle of homogeneity that requires no preparation or seasoning or further cooling or heating.

Aspired residence: Paris or IDF. Just look at it: Paris. The city looks as if it's been carved in perfect geometry out of the stone face of the Earth. Plus, in France, couples take out more civil unions than marriages in what might be an act of solidarity with civil rights.

EDIT: Here's another useless characteristic: my favorite words are: inherent and lurid. Which makes for my favorite phrase "inherently lurid". *'m such a word count slut. * expect some commentary on why or why not it's okay for me to call myself a slut while offending or not offending women, or sluts. Because the two aren't mutually inclusive. Let's put the fem back in ethecofem, disregarding the fact that it never left or expired.

Okay. The relevance of this introductory post is questionable, perhaps because its creator's hegemony as poster has been abused to stuff a small, but highly specific dosage of cultural-political views down the throats of readers. But otherwise, you might have skipped over my newborn presence in a region of the screen whose only recent change was one artwork**** to another.

Depressing footnotes:

*As a bottomless well of pessimism, it was too much for me to use it once in a post, since in the moment the word was formed, the rate of usage was infinite. **A rather odd sentence construction you might note, but it is because I avoided using the word "I". I has no reference when someone first introduces themself on the interweb, if only because it carries no voice or characterization without previous experimentation of the entity. "I" starts it's life as a void and senseless reference, like those things in programming that cause disastrous errors. *** A fake word (don't use it!) that is a shortened noun form of patronize. **** Whose meaning I'm still confounded by, and wakes me up from the depths of sleep sobbing and screaming "Why the fuck does the baby have a fork in it?"