Monday, April 25, 2011

What will they think...

... in the future when they read about occurences like this? A woman arrested for defrauding a Connecticut school district out of an education. Homeless and lying about her address* she was charged with theft in the godforsaken sum of 15,686 dollars**, even though her only valuable items are a Plymouth Voyager worth about 2,000 dollars and her child.

You can always count on the fnc to mention her felony past, possession of a car, and knowledge of "how to post bond" as evidence of her sinister desire to steal knowledge for her son, as well as the illegitimacy of their homelessness. Their "journalists" even managed to call her sole quoted defender both a union and a lobbying group, a stroke of intrinsic genius.

I'm going to call this for what it is: in the city of Norwalk, where through judicious use of resources all crime and malfeasance has been eliminated, a homeless child was unacceptable among the trust-fund troglodytes** who go to Brookside. The simplest way to get rid of him was obviously to nip the problem in the bud and charge his only parent with a felony, ward-of-the-state the little mofo, and send him to that Bermuda triangle of New England where Massachusetts touches CT and NY and no one really important lives.

The people here at Brookside, Norwalk...

...would just like the child in his natural environment.

The poor citizens of Norwalk, having mandated the mayor that gave this momentum, simply want a two-dimensional system of segregation, socioeconomic and racial, that's not called segregation. Preferably, "socioeconomically sensitive child placement."

*Although she claims that she was vagrant inside the school district. A childcare worker that provided her with the incriminating address was summarily evicted from subsidized housing. Norwalk: 2, Poor People, 0

**If I knew of a school district that spent this much per student, I'd lie about my address too. I believe SDHC spends about 5K a year on my head. And it shows.

***The City of Norwalk has a household poverty level of 5.6% (that's f%#@king fantastic!)