Friday, May 06, 2011

Abortion turned men into perverts

Minnesota Representative
Glenn Gruenhagen (R)
Minnesota Representative Glenn Gruenhagen (R) decided during a congressional hearing today about banning abortion after 20 weeks that a paternalistic approach is what will best convince "the ladies" to stop letting men get away with "using and losing" us by way of aborting said man's "responsibility."  See, we just let men get away with too much!  If we'd just go back to outlawing abortion, women would never get them, and daddys would stick around and help take care of the kids.

Oh, and also, the Roe ruling is the same as the Dredd Scott decision, and women who have abortions have been sexually exploited, by default.

Rep. Gruenhagen also surmises that taxpayer-funded abortion "unfairly discriminates against minorities":
It's the minority women that suffer the most consequences from taxpayer-funded abortion, and also suffer the consequences of the sexual exploitation of women in our society.  Again, I plead with you, especially ladies, help men support legislation that teaches men to accept their responsibility when conceiving with a woman.  Don't support legislation and government programs that tell men they can impregnate women and run away from their responsibilities.  Please, ladies!  Think about what's been done to you in the last 40 to 50 years.
Setting aside the complete lack of any evidence of his claim that taxpayer-funded abortion hurts women of color, it makes sense.  I mean, we all know that fathers never abandoned their families before Roe v. Wade, and that women who decide to give birth rather than abort always have the support of the father.  It was definitely the case with MY family, when-- oh, wait, I can count on two hands the number of times I saw my dad as a kid.  And-- lemme check-- nope, I wasn't aborted.  WEIRD!
Let me just remind you, especially ladies, it was seven men that made abortion legal. Not seven women. Now what's the significance of that?
The significance of that is that there weren't any women serving on the Supreme Court until 1981.  The significance of that is, like the bill the Minnesota House has managed to pass today, sexism.  Misogyny.  Paternalism.  Condescension.  

Thankfully, Governor Dayton will veto the shit out of this.