Friday, May 06, 2011

ethecofem is on Facebook!

I hesitated to create a "fan" page for ethecofem, because it seemed a bit presumptuous, considering the relatively small size of the blog, compared to others who have fan pages.  But then, the combination of Twitter suspending ethecofem's freshly-created account, Bema's surprisingly frequent posts, and my desire for people to actually care about the abundance of links I already post to my own Facebook page (to the annoyance of my friends, I'm sure) convinced me that it'd be a good idea.

The Facebook page, much like other blog's Facebook pages, will probably consist mostly of links to interesting articles that Danny, Bema, Kissie, Kristi, Warren, and myself dig up and post, with brief commentary (as well as, of course, blog updates).  We also have pictures up, which, so far, are all of the prior ethecofem header images, random images used in posts, and some others that Sam drew for the blog.

We need more than 15 fans, though.  Come by and "like" the page!  And tell your friends to do the same!

Also, someday, we'll be on Twitter again, @ethecofem.  Until then, if you so desire, you can follow me, Danny, and Warren on Twitter separately.