Thursday, May 26, 2011

JOBS! Open thread

As some readers may recall, I joyfully quit my job back in November, and to swore never again work in another stupid cubicle at another stupid bank.

Welp, plans have changed!  I have just accepted an offer to work at a much better bank, doing a much better-compensated job in a much prettier building with several more floors, and many more elevators-- all of which appear to work!  Oh, and this bank utilizes the many technological advances that have come about post-1990!  And the benefits sound fantastic!

This new job, to which I was referred by a friend, reminds me that, with only a couple exceptions, every job I've had was the result of a referral from a friend or family member.  And then I realized that I have had a lot of jobs, mostly of the crappy retail variety, that are quite different from one another. To date, I have worked at:
  • A movie theater (referred; several months)
  • A shoe store as a salesperson and shoe-dyeing specialist (referred; 6ish months, till the store went out of business)
  • A convenience store as a clerk (referred; few months)
  • A one-hour photo lab as a lab tech and later, manager (referred; 6 years)
  • Two different gas stations as a clerk (referred; total of about a year)
  • A photo studio as a photographer (1 day)
  • A big box electronics store as a camera salesperson (4 months)
  • A computer repair store as an in-store tech (4 months)
  • Two bank customer service call centers (one referred; total of 2 and a half years)
  • Two restaurants as a host and a server (8 or 9 months total)
  • A metal plating company as an office assistant and a piece-putter-togetherer (referred; a couple months; temp job)
  • A bank fraud department as a claims investigator (just over 2 years)
  • An environmental non-profit as a phone canvasser (referred; 2 days)
  • And, as of shortly, a bank as an accounting specialist (referred; ???)
What have been some of your most varied or interesting jobs?  What do you do now for work, if you work?  What do you want to do?