Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Motherfucking tornadoes

Not to overwhelm the blog with weather stories, but fucking hell.

In my shock over the tornado that went through North Minneapolis and nearby suburbs Sunday afternoon, it took me a while to realize that, while the damage is extensive in the area, Joplin, Missouri got hit much, much worse than we did.

An apartment complex in Joplin, MO
before the F5 tornado

So far, there have been 122 deaths reported, with another 1500 people unaccounted for.

See this link for some science behind the recent influx of tornadoes; unsurprisingly, the increase in tornadoes this season is likely due to a warmer Gulf.

ABC News episode about Joplin.

Time's take on both the Minneapolis and the Joplin tornadoes.

The same apartment complex after the tornado.
Photos via Daily Mail

Oh, and in case you may have still thought that partisan politics are set aside during terrible disasters and tragedies, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says no to any aid for Joplin without cuts.  Fucking asshole.

To donate to help Minneapolis, you can go here.  For Joplin recovery help, you can go here