Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breitbart's bewildering Netroots cameo, and some pictures

To his credit, I really don't understand why the only thing that reporter could think to ask about was a cocaine habit, repeatedly, even after he already answered pretty definitively.

More about the cocaine!  And prostitutes...?  Of all the things to ask Breitbart about, mid-lefty-conference-infiltration!

But seriously, hilarious.  You can hear my narrating a bit and giggling intermittently in the second video.

And here are some photos:

Breitbart, of course

First panel about messaging (will expand soon)

More about messaging, with Darcy Burner

View of the city from the Convention Center

Settlers of Catan table

Joe Bodell from Minnesota Progressive Project
with Eric Pusey and other state-specific bloggers

I met these folks at the bar during lunch.
They came from Right Online, the conservative
conference across the street.
"They look so normal!"

I do not remember why I took this picture.

Me and @DAbitty, a Tweep I met
for the first time at Netroots