Friday, June 17, 2011

Breitbart pointlessly infiltrates Netroots Nation -- UPDATED

"I really need some attention, guys!!"
During the lunch break, I headed over to the Newsroom for a bite and a beer, and found myself sitting next to a couple Right Online attendees.  They were pretty nice folks, and we chatted for a bit.  They told me Andrew Breitbart was at Right Online, which intrigued me, but I wasn't about to try and infiltrate the Hilton to go find the dude, so I let it go.  But, as luck would have it, as I arrived back at the Convention Center, I ran into Amanda Marcotte, who told me Breitbart had just showed up at Netroots!  Pardon?!  What in the hell was Breitbart trying to do?  I naturally, I joined the crowd of angry Breitbart haters with cameras and followed the entourage.  Once I get home, I'll upload the video.  It was just... well, it was really fucking funny.  He complained about how he wasn't allowed into the exhibition hall, to which we all replied "pay for it like the rest of us did, asshole!"  ...or some variation thereof.  Eric Pusey of The Minnesota Progressive Project mentioned that Breitbart was here because he was concerned about potential troublemakers infiltrating the Right Online conference (check out MPP editor Eric Bodell's take on it here).  How he thought doing exactly the same thing to Netroots was appropriate, I don't know, but there he was.

I'm still laughing my ass off over here.  That was just a riot.

Update: here's the whole story with some background info, by Sue Wilson, who I just met while waiting in line to get a (free!!) beer.