Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I love business suits.  I think they look sharp and fantastic on everyone who wears them, and even though I have no place to wear one, I really, really want one.  Both a pants and a skirt version.  So far, I've acquired a cheaply-made blazer (with shoulder pads!), which I wear all the time and love to pieces. 

Bema hijacked this post to add these ilfy pictures of Jamie Dornan.
But we're not starting the "ilf" thing all over again.

It was recently suggested to me, though, that such clothing is a symbol of power and dominance, which peaceniks, feminists of many stripes, and socialists alike are wont to oppose.  I am, however, completely unwilling to stop thinking they look fantastic.  Perhaps I've been brainwashed by the culture at large and am merely seduced by the appearance of power, and envy it for myself.

What are your thoughts on suits, and what they represent?