Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Commenting stuff

Due to overwhelming hatred of threaded comments, we got rid of them.  While it was helpful to be able to see exactly who was replying to whom, it's just too messy, and how long a particular thread will go on is impossible to predict.  So, feel free to HTML-ify your comments to make it clear who you're addressing (or don't, whatever).  The following instructions, for anyone who needs them, may also now be found in the freshly edited Commenting Guidelines page above.

To make a blockquote of the text you're replying to:

<blockquote>Here's where you paste the stuff you're quoting.</blockquote>
Then reply to it down here.

To BOLD or italicize text you're replying to:

<b>Here is some bold quoted text.</b>
<i>Here is some italicized quoted text.</i>

BEMA'S EDIT: Alright, being the hijacker that I am I'm going to add a few things.

First of all, the comment box has been moved to the very top of the thread, so you don't have to deal with excessive scrolling. I know the comments can get long.

Second of all, to mention someone by name, start typing the @ symbol and the user name used on the thread page. For example, if I wanted to mention myself, I'd type in @ then "Bema", and then you could select my name and an icon would appear in your comment.

Third of all, YOU DO NOT NEED A DISQUS ACCOUNT to comment. Anonymous guest comments are A-OK.

Fourth of all, the default comment view is oldest first, so you get to be rewarded for being the early worm. If you like that chronological ordering, please change it in your Disqus profile.