Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Yankees* are Assholes

I was waiting for the bus home from work yesterday, and saw a small line of little kids and their parents forming outside of the hotel that my bus stop is in front of.  They had baseball stuff with them, so I figured correctly that they were waiting for baseball players to get autographs from.  Shortly after I got there, a giant coach bus pulled up, and a few bulky men, clearly baseball players, walked out of the hotel.  The kids all politely and excitedly asked them for autographs.  I don't remember the names of the players (sorry, I don't follow sports at all), but they said things like, "Mr. so-and-so, can I please have your autograph?"  I watched every single one of these men completely ignore these kids, not even bothering to look in their direction or acknowledge them at all.  The crowd of kids was very small, maybe 10 of them at the very most, and I am probably over-estimating.  They just completely ignored them.  As they got on the bus, the kids looked dejectedly after the bus and silently packed up the gear they were hoping to have their heroes sign for them, and left with their parents.

How rude.  I regret not loudly and publicly scolding those assholes for doing that to their biggest fans.  It wasn't even like there were hoards of people slamming them with loud requests for attention.  These were a few kids politely asking for signatures.  I'm just appalled.  

That is all.

*I know they're Yankees because someone told me.  I didn't even know they were in town or that the Twins were even playing.