Thursday, October 13, 2011

A sloppy collection of my own photos from the first few days of OccupyMN

Not my photo, but a good introduction

This is to illustrate the several different
law enforcement outfits we have watching us on this
property, which belongs to Minneapolis, Hennepin County,
Metro Transit, and the Government Center building.

Even the Jesus freaks are part of the 99%

Well-attended first day

David, our resident flutist and GA expert, serenades
Osha, our unofficial leader who started the website and gathered the troops

Some of our resident anarchists have a problem
with authority.  This is a welcome reminder
that cooperation with law enforcement is why we're
not being kicked out.

This kid was in the process of a very articulate lesson
on the Rockafellers and their involvement in our
wars, all based on profit.

These steps are beautiful.

Jesse is a dedicated sign-holder

This is why we occupy.

Someone donated solar panels and
car batteries when we were told
the county wouldn't allow us to use the
electricity that we pay for with our
tax dollars.

My favorite!  The teach-ins are great.

A sign inspired by our overlapping with the
Zombie Pub Crawl

A LOT of people on our first day of the occupation

InnocentSmith has the best sign.

The beginning of the People's Library, started by our
resident conservative. It's since grown a lot.

My view of the People's Plaza from a window
in my office building

Me chatting with MPR's Rupa Shenoy
prior to a radio interview. I still can't find
the audio from this interview, but I'm sure happy I
finally achieved my long-time goal
of being on MPR :)

David, pre-occupying the night/early morning
before the beginning of the occupation with Osha

OccupyMN folks go out for a beer, keep hugging

We pretended it was also Osha's birthday.

The view from the campsite on the South Plaza

Our first General Assembly

Tell your story for the People's Manifesto

I tried to blog more thoroughly about this the other day, but it's really difficult right now.

Saturday should be a big day.

In the meantime, check out our livestream, because it's awesome:

Watch live streaming video from occupymn at