Saturday, October 08, 2011

Video of The Day: Herman Cain

From The Last Word

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I am not as politically aware as I should be. From there I think that my knowledge on politics is probably closer to that of Average Joe/Jane American than say, Jeff Fecke (no this is not a dig at him he's just the first person that came to mind). And as an Average Joe I have to say that I usually only hear Cain's name come up when he is defending himself from a comment that made or from the interpretation of a comment that he made. Frankly speaking he seems to always be on the defensive. Even in that clip he loses valuable time trying to answer Lawrence's questions about things like where was he during the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s.

Now I'm not trying to endorse Cain but despite my not being on board with everything he says I do think he deserves to be seriously considered and not just written off which is why I'm sharing this. Such as while I agree with him that the rich shouldn't be expected to pay higher percentages (as in I don't think they should be held to a higher percentage but rather expect everyone to pay a fair percentage) I don't think the idea that 50% of taxpayers paying 96% of collected taxes is fair (I personally think that everyone was paying an at least relatively equal tax rate that discrepancy would clear up). And I have to admit that his book might end up on my Nook.

What are your thoughts on him? Do you think he would just become another drone gear in the colossal machine that is our government? Do you think he would break the machine and rebuild it into something that would do some real good? Consider this a Herman Cain open thread.

(While I won't mind too much mention of the other Republican runners gunning for the nod next year I kida want to keep this about Cain. But if you want to talk about them in general or want a specific thread about someone else just ask and I shall give.)